We’ve come a long way baby!  Happy 30th Anniversary HR 5050: Women’s Business Ownership Act

HR 5050 was the first legislation that recognized the importance of female entrepreneurs in the national economy!  It was one of the most game-changing pieces of legislation for women business owners.  Among other things, it eliminated all individual state laws that required women to have a male relative cosign a business loan!

It is hard to imagine that just 30 years ago, our country did not benefit from thriving women-owned businesses.  Fast forward to 2018 and look around at the services and jobs women-owned businesses produce.

I had the privilege of working for the White House Conference on Small Business, which helped launch this historic Act. We are grateful for the foresight of the women business leaders and Congress in 1988.

– Vicki Vasques

President, and CEO

Tribal Tech, LLC